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2017-03-29 11:31 am
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One whole semester is finished yet again. 6 months of pure studying and cramming. 6 months of gaining more knowledge from people you look up to, hoping that someday you'll become like them. 6 months of smiles and sadness every time we pass or fail and exam.

But this time, this time was something far different from our previous semesters. Left and right requirements and duties, not to mention the pressure of it all. But one thing was on our minds, "once we finish this, once we're over with this, it's done. we're done."

Alas, this kind of situation in my mind is ONCE again going to wait for a few months. Why you ask? For I have failed again. A failure that caused me so much sadness deep inside my cardiovascular system. A failure that struck me hard. A failure that I wasn't to know I would really have.

As of now, I don't know if I've failed 3 of my subjects. Here's to hoping I've only failed one. Or is this asking too much? lol.

Am I to blame the illness that attacked me 2 weeks before the final exams? Or was it my fault?

Hah, looking back, I did tell myself I would get through this. Same words of which I told my fellow classmates. I guess I'll have to say it again once we get back to school.

This was an amazing journey, and I swear I'll finish it. I just happened to come across a long river without a boat holding only my flashlight. I'll get through this. I will get through this. We'll get through this.
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2017-02-05 12:32 am

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Unfortunately, yours truly wasn't able to pass her exams this time (for the second time around) and here I thought I will be able to get the points I needed. Still, the exam was pretty easy.. for me.(inner conscience: then why the heck did you fail?!) Errr. I guess too much confidence? hahaha anyway, i guess this is another way for me to let my kanjou out (aside from writing it on my planner)

Happy New Year minna! :)
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2017-01-12 07:47 am

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Things are getting more and more intense at school. I have to get this certain grade to pass one of my subjects and I don't have that much confidence of getting it. Really. I think I'll be stuck for another semester in school instead of being an intern T___T Why is life so unfair.. :(

Anyway, I've also made an account here ^^ *guchagucha*. I can also help the subbers here by timing videos. But only for ItaJump videos (my sched is wreck at school)

Short intro: IM a big fan of HSJ, Silent Siren, SCANDAL, SEKAI NO OWARI and bunch more of Jpop artists.

Good morning! and Happy new year!